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Company Background

Hi Sun Technology (China) Limited (the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, collectively known as the "Group"; Stock Code : 0818.HK) is principally engaged in the provision of payment processing solutions, provision of financial solutions, sales of electronic power meters and solutions and provision of platform operation solutions.

Payment processing solutions
Pursuant to the stable risk control policies, the acquiring business has achieved a healthy development. As at the end of June 2016, the number of domestic merchants has accumulated over one million and the transaction volume exceeded RMB60 billion in June 2016. Among which, the number of our MPOS merchants has grown rapidly. The internet payment and mobile payment solutions targeting at niche markets are now commercially ready and deployment to customers are gradually taking place. In addition, the innovative QR code payment, which incorporates multiple payment methods, provides the merchants with comprehensive payment solutions. On the other hand, upon the reform on transaction fee rates initiated by the People's Bank of China will be officially implemented in September 2016, the acquiring market will be further regulated. We expect that the reform will favor the development of our innovation business, bringing positive influence on the expansion of high value-added merchants and quasi-financial business such as wealth management and financing. As such, we have introduced a number of application solutions, integrating our leading payment solutions, it is anticipated that our payment processing business will develop continuously.

Financial solutions
In 2016, the financial solutions segment will continue to focus on the core banking system sector. On the basis of strengthening our market position among traditional customers such as BIG5 (five major banks in China), joint-equity banks and their overseas branches, our strategical investment in the city commercial banks, as an emerging market, has achieved substantial breakthrough. As the core banking systems of China Guangfa Bank and China Everbright Bank (Seoul) have put into operations smoothly, our successful bids of the core banking systems for Bank of Suzhou and Huishang Bank have laid a solid foundation for the huge city commercial banks market. In the payment and internet financial sectors, various projects have successfully commenced operations, which will continue to strengthen our market competitiveness.

Electronic power meters and solutions
It is anticipated that the total tender volume of smart meters and data collection devices by the State Grid will remain stable and the market capacity will remain relatively steady in current year. In 2016, intensifying the research on smart dual interactive technology and innovating the dual interactive model of smart meters have been the business highlights of the State Grid. Currently, the meters information collection and management system-objectoriented interoperable data exchange protocol have entered the pilot validation stage, and will be extensively adopted in the future. We are currently putting enormous efforts in setting up related R&D to meet future technical requirements. Meanwhile, the State Grid is also promoting the pilot construction of the "Four-in-one Data Collection System" (which collects data of electricity, water, gas, and heat). In this regard, we are also making arrangements necessary for carrying out relevant internal researches. In the future, we will keep enhancing the level of technology and quality standard of our products, as well as the quality of service to capture more market opportunities.

Platform operation solutions
During the period, we integrated original telecommunication solutions and payment platform solutions, to optimize business management of the platform operation solutions. In the future, we will continue to provide operational supporting services to "和包" business, IVR voice value-added businesses and animation business of China Mobile. In the first half of this year, we have successfully entered into contracts with the e-commerce base of China Mobile in Hunan for three projects in relation to the business development, business operation, and system operation and maintenance for the year of 2016. The e-commerce base of China Mobile will continue to develop key businesses including topping up call credits and flow, e-coupons, Hejubao (和聚寶), and NFC one card pass system in 2016. Meanwhile, China Mobile and the Hunan province government entered into a strategic cooperation agreement this year to enhance the support for e-commerce business, entailing that "和包" business will receive sound support and continue its rapid development. Although the commencement of operation of China Mobile's new and self-owned IVR business platform has posed certain challenges on the segment revenue, we expect that revenue generated from rest of the recurring IVR business will remain stable in the future, and the scale of income from our animation supporting business is also expected to be comparable to that of last year. In the future, we will escalate the development of self-owned innovation business to strike for a better growth.


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